The Story Behind What’s In Your Barn? by Lindon King

Life’s experiences have prepared me for this book. The daily conversations with people from diverse background along with stories told and shared by others of their own experiences have given me the inspiration for this topic and provided me the material to write this book.

My book was completed in 2009 and should have been published in 2010 but I decided not to as my first book The Wounds Have Healed. …The Scars Are Bleeding, was just released. I believe the timing was not right. I had chapters of the book What's In Your Barnreviewed by a few friends and by teachers and I was encouraged to get it published but I still believed the time was not right.

In 2015 I decided that before the end of 2016 What’s In Your Barn? …will be published so I started my search for an editor. In February of this year I found a few editors and by the process of elimination I chose The Editing Company from Toronto. We made all the necessary arrangements for the book to be edited and in April the manuscript was presented and the job got on the way, the process took 7 hours to complete.

In June I was talking with a client in my office and found out that she was a published author. We started talking about our books and about the publishing industry. I was encouraged by the conversation we had and I took her advice to try self-publishing.

I went online and found a few companies I did my research and decided to give Amazon a try. I went on Kindle Direct Publishing site (KDP), contacted their customer service department and was given the tools and instructions needed to self-publish my book.

I then went on to Create Space as instructed to publish paperback copies of the book.

My publishing experience was very positive and gave me a feeling of accomplishment. I did not believe the process would have been so easy, this by far is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will continue to use this service for all my book publishing needs as long as the service is available. I had amazing experience working with the folks at KDP and at Create Space.

I have gained the full rights to my first book The Wounds Have Healed. …The Scars Are Bleeding, and I am now working on getting it republished. I am also working on my third book titled; Nothing But The Truth which will be available by December 2017.

Be sure to read my books and provide your feedback. Thank you for all the support.

About the Author

Lindon J. King was born in Jamaica West Indies and migrated to Toronto Canada in 1992. Lindon is a former student of Fair Prospect Primary and Secondary Schools and Prospect College in Jamaica and a former student of Ryerson University in Toronto Canada. Lindon is the author of “The Wounds Have Healed. …The Scars Are Bleeding” which was published in 2009.

Lindon’s latest book is What’s In Your Barn?


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