The Story Behind Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! by Tamara Elizabeth

I waited my whole life for Prince Charming to save the day and whisk me off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Doesn’t every little girl dream of that magical moment? When that day suddenly came and I found the man of my dreams, I mistook the red glowing light on the horizon he was taking me towards as the majestic beauty of the end to a fabulous day not the flames of hell that await me.

After faithfully enduring several years of trying to slay my prince’s dragon – alcohol addiction, I had to give up and leave or face more tortuous years of abuse both physical and mental. Thus I started my journey to self-love. I found a wonderful coach and mentor who inspired me to fill myself with love, happiness and joy and in the process heal the wounds not just on my arms but in my heart. This is where I started to discover the challenges in my past (and the lessons I could learn from them) that brought me to where I was today – fabulously fifty and starting life all over again.

Through my coaching process I wrote a series of personal essays about my life from when through childhood right up to my hopes and dreams in my future. These essays – sometimes humorous and sometime painful, but all written from the depths of my soul – started to take shape of a possible book. The more I looked at what I had conscribed on paper the more I was motivated to see where all this would take me.

I have always written. The writer’s bug bit me many time but I just swatted it away never having the confidence to take my prose much farther than a file folder in a drawer somewhere safe. I raised a total of 7 children (4 of my own and three more – just because) so I had many stories that I penned in the form of children’s short stories. After all, I had all the material I needed right in my own household. I never published but enjoyed rereading them to myself and to my children as we laughed and cried at the heroics of the situations descried before us.

So now with all these essays from my past present and future what was I to do with them? They were all about lessons learned, lives lived, people forgiven and gratitude for all I had experienced. Could other women in my shoes of transition benefit from these experiences? This question niggled at the back of my brain constantly like an irritating mosquito hums in your ear during the night. My coaching experience to finding how lovable I truly was had helped me so much, could this help others? Could I make a difference to just one woman?

That’s when the creation of a hands-on workbook formulated. I organized the essays in a past, present and future sequence of reflections, and being a lifelong dedicated quote junkie, I attributed pertinent quotes and reflective questions to each story that would inspire the reader to think about her own situations, challenges and transitions.

Each story resonates with some similar path the reader has crossed, so to walk in their shoes and help them to see the situation from a different angle is more than I can ask for. This was a labor of love for me, and a healing process. Reading it, you will laugh, cry but most of all reflect on the perfectly loveable being you were born to be.

Tamara Elizabeth is a speaker, author, self love coach, radio host, a master motivator of women in transition, conductress of motivational seminars, professional photographer, small space designer, lover of social media, mother of 5, and a fabulously loveable woman after her first 50 years.  She is determined to create a revolution of women.

Tamara started her life over at fifty and believes that if she can do it, any woman can.  That’s when she decided to take her experiences and help others with her latest book, Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! – Discovering My Loveable Me.

I have 4 greatest accomplishments in my life – my 4 grown children.  My next greatest joy is my step son that I have had the honor of nurturing for the past 7 years.

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2 thoughts on “The Story Behind Fabulously Fifty and Reflecting It! by Tamara Elizabeth

  1. Tamara, I can’t imagine a better reason to write a book, and I can’t imagine a deeper and more insightful book than the one you have written. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Your story is increbly inspiring, and your writing talent is a true gift!

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