The Story Behind Crystal the Christmas Angel by Theresa Oliver

The inspiration for my book came to me when I heard scientists trying to explain the Star of Bethlehem. They stated that it was anomaly when several planets lined up in just the right way to created what looked to be a huge star, coincidentally at the same time as Jesus’ birth.

Crystal the Christmas AngelTo me, it was too much of a coincidence, so I began to play the “What If” game, asking myself: what if the star wasn’t a star at all, but an angel, illuminating the way to Jesus for the world?

I began to think about the angel and imagined the angel as a child. At the time, I didn’t have children of my own but I had nephews and a niece, so I started thinking about them and my own childhood.

Children are often told that they are too little to do things. Hence, the premise for my story and Crystal and her story soon materialized within my mind. I wrote the story in one night and gave it to my nephews and niece as a Christmas present. A friend of ours, Allan, loved the story and encouraged me to turn it into a children’s picture book. Years later, I rewrote the story and soon Crystal the Christmas Angel as it is written today was born.

Then, I had a problem finding an illustrator for my book. After a few failed attempts, a friend of mine told me to check out Fiverr. Soon, I found Deanna McRae, also known as Peipei. Everything clicked and she soon turned my vision into the perfect illustrations for my book. Within months, Crystal the Christmas Angel was published.

So, don’t give up on your dreams. If you persevere, your dream—no matter what it is—will come true!

About the Author

Theresa OliverTheresa Oliver grew up in southern Indiana, across from Louisville, Kentucky, in Clarksville, Indiana. In her childhood, she fell in love with the power of the written word, a love affair that has continued her whole life. She moved to Florida, where she has lived much of her adult life. She attended the University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, Tenn., and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree, News Editorial sequence. She also earned a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, Early Childhood Education sequence, from Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, Ga. She is currently a writer, a full-time teacher, and the owner of Write More Publications and TNT Author Services. However, her greatest adventure is as a mother of three beautiful boys. Oliver currently resides in Kissimmee, Florida, with her husband and children.

Her latest book is the children’s picture book, Crystal the Christmas Angel.

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